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Booksellers and Wholesalers can bring Lovable Lucy books to their bookshelves and customers. BCH Distribution offers Lovable Lucy books through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. BCH Distribution represents more than 800 Small Press publishers, providing streamlined and effective fulfillment services.

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The Lovable Lucy Series is excited to work with schools, organizations, retailers and small or large businesses to bring our brand promoting kindness, confidence, and inclusion to communities everywhere. If you're a school, organization or business hosting a Meet The Author event, our books are available for discounted bulk purchase. Contact us directly to arrange orders.

Retailers and businesses, ask us about our "Gift of Reading" program which provides local companies a unique opportunity to donate books to schools in their community. Whether you’re a large company or small business, we look forward to working together!

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What is an Indie Author?

Norma and Shayna are committed to excellence and professionalism in their writing and for their audience.

As Indie Authors, they keep the rights to all of their work, while spearheading their own creative production for editing, proofreading, printing, distribution and marketing of the Lovable Lucy Series.

This collaborative team process allows Indie Authors like Norma and Shayna to better connect with their readers and booksellers. It also allows them to bond as mother and daughter.

Supporting Indie Authors allows the expansion of new and creative voices that may not be found within the traditional book publishing industry.

Inclusion in book publishing is critical for showcasing diverse and distinct stories like those in the Lovable Lucy Series.

What is a Book Royalty?

A book royalty is the dollar amount a Publisher pays an Author in exchange for the rights to publish their book. Royalties are calculated as a percentage of book sales, 

Book royalties for Indie Authors vary and are calculated after deducting costs for production, printing, shipping and handling, marketing and advertising.

When you purchase books directly from Lovable Lucy Series, you allow Indie Authors Norma and Shayna to flourish and continue writing more books!

Buying from an Indie Author is equal to supporting a small business.

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