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In Little Lovable Lucy’s Big Day, a Kirkus “Recommended” Review book, Lucy, a happy, fluffy puppy is meeting her forever family for the first time. Will Lucy like her new family? Will her new family like Lucy? Lucy’s emotions are overwhelming. Can her family work together to welcome Lucy into their home and hearts?

A best loved children’s book. Ideal for read aloud, also good for children facing a new experience or new environment, adopted and foster children, welcoming a puppy or pet.


Lovable Lucy is back; bigger, fluffier and ready to play! In Little Lovable Lucy, You’re So Big!, Lucy discovers learning is fun but also comes with challenges. Why does she get frustrated? How does her family encourage her to keep trying? A great book for children, showing kids the fun that follows overcoming obstacles. If Lucy can be brave, they can be brave too!

A best loved children’s book. Ideal for read aloud, also good for children learning new skills, training a puppy or dog, and family bonding.


Little Lovable Lucy's Big Day$19.99
Little Lovable Lucy, You're So Big!$19.99

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Inclusion in book publishing is critical for showcasing diverse and distinct stories like those in the Lovable Lucy Series.

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